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We understand that a career in medicine is different from other careers. Our experience and advice has helped many medical professionals achieve their financial goals

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If I had my way, I would write the word "insure" upon the door of every cottage and upon the blotting book of every public man, because I am convinced, for sacrifices so small, families and estates can be protected against catastrophes which would otherwise smash them up forever.Winston Churchill

Advice for Small Business Entrepreneurs

Don't walk the path less walked alone. Starting your own business and balancing work and life requires good financial decisions for yourself and your business.

Lincoln Johnson & Team Financial Advisors Pty Ltd ACN 132 475 515 are Authorised Representatives of Apogee Financial Planning Limited ABN 28 056 426 932, an Australian Financial Services Licensee with its Registered Address at 105-153 Miller Street, North Sydney NSW 2060.

Medical professionals


A very specialised career.

We understand that a career in medicine is different from other careers. We know you’ve invested heavily in your education, and that your employment situation and roles will change throughout your working life as you progress. We also understand the financial costs of a career in medicine and the sacrifices that are made along the way.

Seeking professional financial advice from a specialist like Team Financial Advisers is an important step in the career of a successful medical professional.

Personal service.

We are a boutique practice, so unlike many larger financial planning firms your relationship with us will always be with the principal adviser and not someone else. Each client is incredibly important to us and you can expect the high level of service that you initially receive to be the benchmark.

Help throughout your career whether:

  •  You’re just starting out in your first resident role and seeking guidance on the basics like income protection, salary packaging and savings plans, or
  •  You’re further along and you are now providing for a family and want to review your insurance plans, how your super is performing and thinking about the best way to utilise any surplus funds, or
  •  You’ve started in private practice and want to find out how you can further grow your assets and make the most of your income, your superannuation and other investments, or
  •  You’re starting to wind down and want to enjoy the fruits of your long career and are now wanting to plan a comfortable retirement
  • Have you considered buying your own consulting rooms? Have you considering utilising an SMSF to achieve this? Why not read our case study

Experience is everything – ours is with doctors.

Team Financial Advisers have focused on supporting medical professionals since the early 1990s. We help you at each step of your career to anticipate your needs as they arise. For instance, your highly specialised skills require a highly specialised insurance solution. When it comes to income protection insurance, our experience tells us about the importance of ‘needlestick cover’, own-occupation definitions, medico specific terms and forward underwriting benefits.

Professional advice – on call.

At Team Financial Advisers we understand that your schedule is busy and can be unpredictable. We recognise that a sick patient’s needs are foremost. To make things easier, we come to you – at your rooms, hospital, or home – when it suits you. Our office is conveniently located in the Inner West (Petersham), and we regularly visit public and private hospitals around Sydney. We are always available if you want to discuss your financial arrangements in person or over the phone.

Small Business Entrepreneurs

Walk the path less travelled with CONFIDENCE.

Starting your own business and balancing work and life often requires financial sacrifices. We help you make your financial choices the right ones.

Benefit from our experience and knowledge.

Team Financial Advisers are a small business and understand the conflicting priorities we face as small business operators. Your financial plan, whilst it may go on the ‘back burner’ from time to time, shouldn’t be forgotten. We can help you to keep it top of mind. Our experience working with other small businesses is invaluable to our clients.


Support along the way.

We can help you with the important financial decisions throughout your life, whether you are:

  • just starting out in business and are searching for some sort of financial direction and practical advice – you might be considering some of the essentials like income and life insurance or even business expenses insurance
  •  further along in business and are now starting to provide for yourself and not only suppliers, employees and the tax office! You might be considering things like super, personal investment or growing your business more
  •  really seeing big things happen and want to now maximise yours and your business income – you might consider other investments, bigger plans with superannuation (even self managed super)
  •  starting to wind down and want to enjoy the fruits of your career, you have a valuable asset in your business and you want to ensure that this can be utilised to benefit your retirement. We can help you transition the wealth in your business tax effectively and efficiently into your hands

We also understand that sometimes the right support needs to be provided by another professional like a finance broker, general insurance broker or specialist solicitor or accountant. We have a panel of external professionals like this that we trust with our client’s financial plans, so much so we use them personally when possible.

Get the service you expect.

As a small business and a boutique practice, we understand the importance of service. As a small business owner you would understand the importance of service. Once you have a relationship with us you will no longer have to wait on the phone to a super fund or insurer! We also do all of the time consuming tasks of updating billing details, requesting tax information and the like. We aim to deliver a superior level of service which separates us from larger competitors.

The right advice – when you need it.

At Team Financial Advisers we understand that your schedule can be unpredictable and dominated by clients or business which is why we come to you – at your workplace, or home, when it suits you. Our office is located in Petersham in the Inner West (great for coffee or Portuguese chicken!). We regularly visit clients all around Sydney, and are always available if you want to discuss your financial arrangements.


















About Team Financial Advisers

LincolnTeam Financial Advisers is a boutique financial services practice providing advice to select groups of individuals and families. As well as our core offering to medical professionals and their families we also provide advice to small business entrepreneurs and professionals.

Team Financial Advisers builds lifelong relationships with clients.

Team Financial Advisers was established by Lincoln’s father, Frank Johnson, in the early 1970s and since the 1980s has operated throughout the Central West based in Orange. Advice has been provided to Sydneysiders since 1990 when a satellite office was established.

TFA Orange office

In 2007 Lincoln Johnson took on responsibility for the Sydney practice. In April 2017 we completed the fit-out of a new office in the Inner West suburb of Petersham moving from our previous office in Waterloo. Frank retired from practice in early 2012 but still maintains close friendships with many of his former clients.

Team Financial Advisers builds lifelong relationships with their clients. Testament to this is the fact that Lincoln now advises the children of some of Frank’s original clients. These ‘children’ are now adults with their own families and financial goals. This lasting relationship is built on trust and respect, values that are core to our business.


Lincoln Johnson and Team Financial Advisers are representatives of, and offer their services on behalf of Apogee Financial Planning.. Apogee Financial Planning Limited is recognised as one of Australia’s leading financial advice networks,  managing over $6 billion of investments. Apogee Financial Planning won CoreData’s Advisory Group of the Year award in 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013. This award recognises the quality of customers’ experiences when seeking financial advice.

Apogee Financial Planning is a professional partner of the Financial Planning Association, the professional body representing qualified financial planners in Australia, and therefore adheres to set standards in terms of ethics, conduct and continuing professional development.

we provide expert advice in;

  • Personal insurances including, life, tpd, trauma and income protection
  • Superannuation and self-managed super
  • Investment including, managed funds, insurance bonds, direct shares
  • Borrowing to invest
  • Salary packaging for medical professionals

  • Budgeting and cash flow planning
  • Investment property review
  • Debt management and structuring
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning

Meet Your Adviser


Lincoln Johnson

  • Mr Johnson (Lincoln) has been my financial planner for 7 years now. Over this time I have had many opportunities to observe him professionally.
    He is an outstanding financial planner. He has an excellent knowledge of his industry and has great enthusiasm for his work.
    Mr Johnson is meticulous, reliable, honest and trustworthy. He is also polite, courteous and has excellent communication skills.


    Anaesthetist, Sydney

    I would highly recommend Lincoln to young professionals (with or without kids!).
    As a management consultant I have always regarded myself as fairly financially literate. However, I have learnt that there is no substitute for specialist knowledge when it comes to personal finances.

    I find Lincoln to have deep knowledge of financial planning but also an ability to communicate this knowledge and relevant options in a down-to-earth and easily understandable way.
    In particular, he is very good at explaining medium to long term implications of what young professionals do today.



    Management Consultant, Camperdown

  • Lincoln presents as a personable, ethical and trustworthy financial planner. He took the time to carefully assess our circumstances and helped us with purchasing insurance products. He isn’t pushy and only encourages you take up products that he believes you truly require. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking a professional financial planner.


    Urologist, Sydney

    From initial appraisal and qualification to product selection, health checks, renewal and service, Lincoln has displayed absolute excellence. I am very happy with the products I have purchased through him and he has always gone the extra mile to provide personalised service to me in every-way. I would highly recommend his company and team to anyone.


    Marketing Consultant, Sydney

  • Not only am I more than happy with all you have done for my wife and me over the years, but I have unhesitatingly recommended your services to clients, friends and family, including my parents who are now in their 80s. Without exception I receive excellent feedback from them.  I continue to recommend your services and wish you all the best.


    Solicitor, Sydney


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